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This Place Called Midlife

Midlife is sneaky.

We move through our busy life unawares. Your life is some combo of building a career, growing humans, staying healthy, developing relationships, accumulating wealth, having setbacks, rerouting. Or at least trying to do some version of these.

Then, we're here: midlife. Somewhere between late 40s and early 70s.

There's more one-on-one time with partners. The humans are kinda grown. We've accumulated assets. Our wealth might not quite be where we hoped. Or, it's better than we hoped. Our bodies and minds feel a tad different. And our first career is built. What's next?


On how we fuel our life for fulfillment, enjoyment, and fun.

On how we live longer and stay healthy.

On how we thrive.

Decide your destination, map a few small steps, and then move.

Join me here as we explore tools, resources, and motivation for FINDING MIDLIFE.

If you're curious about learning, exploring, or inspiring this conversation, drop your email and thoughts.

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